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Interview with Dr. Alan ChapmanDr. Chapman

David Marshall interviewed Dr. Alan Chapman on the theme of "'Where did science come from?" in October 2009. Dr. Chapman, an historian of science at Wadham College, is also a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and host of History Channel's "Great Scientists" series.

Interview with Rodney Stark

David Marshall interviewed Rodney Stark, an influential sociologist of religion and author of 28 books, in December 2008. The transcript is available in six Starkparts.

Interview with Don Richardson

David Marshall interviewed Don Richardson, author oRichardsonf Peace Child, Eternity in Their Hearts, and Secrets of the Koran, in December 2008. The transcript is available in four parts.

Interview with Michael Behe

David Marshall interviewed Michael Behe, author of Darwin's Black Box. The transcript is available in PDF format.


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