Updated: 7 August, 2010

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Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China

News and Events


David Marshall on the New Atheism. (Christ Memorial Church, Poulsbo, WA) MP3 audio (16 MB).

Debate with Barry Duke on Premier Radio show "Unbelievable" in London. Choose link to playback or download the 26 MB MP3 file directly.

Written Debates

David responds to Hector Avalos, Richard Carrier, and several others. See the new page linking to the written debates, and then comment in the new blog linked for each entry.

Dr. Alan Chapman, Oxford historian of science. Hear the audio on the Interviews page.

Rodney Stark, eminent sociologist of religion. See the transcript in six parts on the Interviews page.

Don Richardson, author of Eternity in Their Hearts. See the transcript in four parts on the Interviews page.

Michael Behe, author of Darwin's Black Box. See the transcript (PDF).

Book publisher Harvest House has posted an an author interview of David Marshall on their Web site.


Kuai Mu Institute aims to present the best insights of the wisest Christians through the centuries to show the world that Jesus does indeed fulfill and deepen the truest elements of all human cultures.

We aim to do this by:

  • Creating a web site with the best cultural apologetics in many languages.
  • Organizing seminars on Christianity and other religions.
  • Publishing quality books and article.

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