Updated: 7 August, 2010

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David Marshall exchanges words with a number of individuals. Read the details here. You can also comment at the blog posting related to this Web site.

Response to Avalos

David vs. Hector Avalos, responding to the attacks of Avalos on the Christian record against slavery and its representation in Marshall's book. See the blog for part 1 and part 2 , and then respond at the blog.

Response to Avalos and Carrier

David vs. Hector Avalos and Richard Carrier: "Was Christianity responsible for Nazism or science?" (PDF) (2010)

Response to Hedrick, Carrier, Avalos, and Price

"Were early Christians gullible dweebs?" St. Luke and David vs. Landon Hedrick, Richard Carrier, Hector Avalos, and Robert Price." (2009) See the PDF

Response to Carrier

David vs. Richard Carrier: (a) "How easy was the first life?" (PDF) (b) "Did Christianity spread by the sword?" (PDF) (2009)

Response to Stenger

Response to Victor Stenger's critique in The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason. (2009) See the PDF

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