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David Marshall has written the following books:

The Truth Behind the New AtheismThe Truth Behind the New Atheism
Available Fall 2007

Dr. Ralph Winter, founder, US Center for World Missions: ""Spectacularly argued, spectacularly written, and even more spectacularly

The Truth About JesusThe Truth About Jesus and the "Lost Gospels": A Reasoned Look at Thomas, Judas, and the Gnostic Gospels
Suggested Retail: $9.99
ISBN13: 978-0-7369-2055-1
ISBN10: 0-7369-2055-2
Now available in bookstores

Dr. Craig Blomberg: "Marshall's work introduces the real historical facts as effectively as any work in print today. Learned but very readable, wide­ranging in coverage, and even tinged with self­effacing humor, this book sets the record straight."

Recent headlines, bestselling books, and even a blockbuster movie have called attention to writings that challenge the Christian faith. Known as the Gnostic "Gospels," these writings have aroused much curiosity and led people to ask:

  • What are the Gnostic "Gospels," and where did they come from?
  • Are these writings trustworthy, or even on par with the Bible?
  • Have we had wrong perceptions about Jesus all along?

In this helpful book, world religions scholar David Marshall examines the popular claims being made about the Gnostic "Gospels," and reveals how, in actuality, they fall far short of the true Gospels in the New Testament. This is an eye-opening resource that will equip Christians to defend the historical truth of the Christian faith. (Announcement from the publisher, Harvest House.)

Why the Jesus Seminar Can't Find Jesus and Grandma Marshall CouldWhy the Jesus Seminar Can't Find Jesus, and Grandma Marshall Could: A Populist Defense of the Gospels, published 2005.

Can we trust the Gospels? My grandmother took it for granted that the New Testament held the "Gospel Truth" about who Jesus was and what He did. But for the past 200 years, a long series of critics has claimed that the earliest records of the life of Jesus are "beyond belief," as historian Elaine Pagels put it in a recent best-seller. The critical writings of Jesus Seminar scholars, and derivative works like The Da Vinci Code, flood bookstores, media and universities, teaching a generation of Americans to mistrust what Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have to say about Jesus.

In my new book, Why the Jesus Seminar can't find Jesus, and Grandma Marshall Could, I show why ordinary Christians are right, and these critics are badly mistaken.

The book begins by showing how the dogmas of the critics blind them to the true nature of the first four books of the New Testament. Next, I analyze fifty characteristics that define the Gospels, and mark the Jesus they describe out as "inimitable" and without comparison. Finally, I show how the Gospels stand out from the mythology, biography, and romance of the ancient world, and why their unique qualities make them uniquely believable.

In some ways, I think this new book is my most radical and readable yet.

Jesus and the Religions of Man book coverJesus and the Religions of Man, 319 pages, published 2000.

Frederica Matthewes-Green, of Christianity Today: "David Marshall takes cultural analysis several levels deeper, and in prose that is several levels higher, than we've come to expect. The result is not only enlightening but also a great deal of fun to read."

Dr. David Leshana, President Emeritus, Seattle Pacific University: "Very well done . . . This book should be read by all who . . . are preparing for ministry in an increasingly multicultural world."

Dr. Leslie Keylock, professor of Apologetics, Moody Bible Institute (retired): "Carefully reasoned and beautifully written by a man who has read widely . . . One of the finest books on world religions I have read in a long time."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, "Learned, urbane, and refreshing."

Jason Pratt, Internet Evangelist, "In my opinion, this book is an entirely fitting successor to Chesterton's Everlasting Man. With both passion and compassion, Mr. Marshall blends rigorous research with touches of poignantly poetic flair, in a forceful tour of incisive probing into what could be called the 'practical guts' of very many religious traditions."

A scholar of Japanese culture and new Christian: "What I liked most about (the book) is that it gave me a framework with which to think about and understand Christianity in the modern, pluralistic world."

Sample chapters:

True Son of Heaven book coverTrue Son of Heaven: How Jesus Fulfills the Chinese Culture, by David Marshall. 182 pages, published 1996.

Richard Sherburne, S. J., Marquette University scholar of Tibetan religion: "I read (the) entire book last night -- really found it hard to put down. A wonderful job of de-europeanizing Jesus."

James Hudson Taylor III, founder, China Evangelical Seminary: "An amazing piece of writing."

Gordon Schnee, United Methodist pastor, "Full of great pictures, moving personal stories, and sound thinking."

Don Richardson, author, Peace Child, Eternity in Their Hearts: "An exciting read!"

Tony Lambert, China researcher, "Showing deep, original thought, the author challenges the assumption that God and Christ are totally alien to the Chinese tradition, and writes a modern book on Christian apologetics in the process . . . Stimulating and provocative."

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The books can be ordered from the publisher at:

Kuai Mu Press
P.O. Box 403
Fall City, WA 98024

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  • Why the Jesus Seminar Can't Find Jesus, and Grandma Marshall Could is $14 US plus $1.50 for shipping and handling.
  • Jesus and the Religions of Man is $13 US plus $1.50 for shipping and handling.
  • True Son of Heaven is $9 US plus $2 shipping and handling. Washington state residents add 8.2% sales tax. For Canadian shipments, send $12 +7% GST plus $3 shipping and handling.

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